Social Media Marketing ( SMM )
Social Media Marketing Make Your Brand Socially Relevant

Social media is not just about personal interactions. Small businesses & global brands are using it to connect with customers and generate sales. As social media marketing company, praxcode helps such social savvy businesses reach target audience and run marketing campaigns on social media websites. Whether your goal is to increase Facebook & Twitter followers or generate sales through Instagram & Pinterest, our social media experts will plan and implement marketing strategies that will generate maximum business benefit. We have done it for hundreds of brands and we can do it for you as well.

Social media generates results. Here is the proof

  • 89%   Of social marketers agree that their social media efforts have generated more exposure.
  • 65%   Of marketers see social media marketing as an effective lead generation strategy.
  • 70%   Of B2B companies use social media platforms to gain insight about market place & gather information.
  • 64%   Of marketers using social media for 2+ years reported a rise in search engine ranking.

How we make clients trend on social media?

Businesses & brands hire social media marketing companies because they understand the complexities of building follower base & managing social interactions. By following a scientific process that untangles social media complexities, praxcode team has managed to minimize risks &maximize benefits. Have a look at our social media marketing strategy.

Social Assessment

Before work commencement, we study your current status social media activity and engagement level. This will help our social media managers create marketing strategy and also determine the magnitude of team efforts required to generate social media advantages.

Strategy development

Our research is followed by developing a unique social media marketing strategy for you. Our marketing team shortlists social media platforms best suited to your business and creates detailed marketing strategies for all of them.

Content planning and Aggressive implementation

Having handled social media activity for hundreds of businesses, we understand the importance of content diversity. With our social media consultants, we will choose the combination of media best suited for your brand and plan textual, graphic & video content accordingly. Dedicated team will share planned posts and social updates on targeted websites. Our social marketing managers will also widen the reach of marketing campaigns by using platform specific features & interact with followers to build engagement.

Monitoring & Evaluation

As experienced social media marketing agency, we understand the importance campaign t racking and data evaluation. If social response is meek, we will reevaluate our strategy and make sure you get desired results. You will be kept updated about project progress through bi-monthly reports.

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